Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Texas Life

So moving to Texas has been an exciting adjustment for me. The first thing people think of when they hear the word Texas is heat and humidity. Every time I ever mentioned that I was planning on moving to Texas people always took that as an invitation to tell me about all of the negative things they had ever heard about Texas. Let me also elaborate on the size of Texasit is huge! So while yes Houston may be intensely humid that does not mean the whole state is.

I am not going to lie and say it has not been hot hear, because it has. However the humidity has not been largely noticeable. From what I understand that hottest month of the year is August, and I have survived that month, and from here on out the weather is supposed to just keep getting better. For the record I will take any amount of heat if it means I avoid snow and freezing temperatures!

In addition to the weather I received many warnings concerning the bugs in Texas. Let me also say the bugs in Dallas are no worse than any of the bugs in Utah or Southern CA.

Now that we have discussed all of the negative things about Texas let me tell you some of the highlights. I have seven malls within ten minutes of my house. Talk about shopping opportunities! We have more restaurants per ca-pita here then they do in New York City, and did I mention that the food is amazing! And the best part so far is they have some of the nicest people. I love southern hospitality!

I was worried about making the adjustment of living in a new place without much family around, however I have made some of my best friends out here already; It has been fun to build such strong relationships. Before when I was in Utah I knew that any friends I made would have to be temporary in the sense that I knew we would be moving away after graduation. This made it hard because I got really close to several different people, and then I had to leave them all and move 20 hours away. However, since I have been in Texas I have not stopped getting to know people. Everyone is so sweet and friendly. I feel like I have already made some lifelong friends out here. It has been a hard adjustment to get use to Morgan going to work, and me staying home with Levi, however I am really grateful for my friends who have been helping me through it.

On my Birthday 2 of my friends came over and took me to get pedicures and to go out to the mall! I have never really had friends come and take me out on my birthday before so this was such a special treat. While we were out doing that Morgan made a beautiful dinner! He smoked ribs all day, and he even made an ice cream cake! I was very impressed. We had a very special time hanging out with our friends.

Well that is all I have time for right now because Levi will be waking up any minute, but I will keep you updated with all of our future happenings!

 Penny Sees a squirrel in the backyard, and she is hypnotized!

 Levis new friend Jax!

Daddy loves to give Levi his baths! 

 Levi at a restaurant way passed his bed time! This is his first time in a restaurant high chair!

 My birthday cake!

Seeing the Deloitte office where Morgan will be working!

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  1. That was so nice of morgie to make you ribs! Keeping the birthday tradition alive :)