Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Husband....You've got to love him!

So this has been a very eventful few weeks, and Morgan and I have had some pretty good times. This last few weeks has consisted of Christmas shopping, the start of snow, the end of school, and of course finals.
Morgan and I went shopping one afternoon in order to find Morgan a new jacket and brown dress shoes. Morgan needs a jacket that will keep him warm. Right now all he has is this HUGE bubble jacket, and I really do not like it. He agreed that if we could find him a jacket that he likes that he would get rid of his puff ball jacket, and he currently has no brown dress shoes and he has wanted a pair of those.
So Morgan started off on this adventure without me because I had a final, but he went to like at least half the stores in the mall, before me met up. Once we got together we decided to try Burlington Coat Factory, Ross and TJ Max. It is safe to say that between all those stores we did not find anything that even peeked interested from him. So next we go to Famous Foot Wear, and he actually found some brown dress shoes that he liked for $60.00, but then he was concerned that they were too cheap looking because of the shoe laces, yes I am serious. They were made by Stacy Adams, so I looked on Wikipedia from my phone to see if it was a known brand. Sure enough not only was it a known brand it goes back to the 1800s, but once I cleared that concern he was worried that they looked to western. So I go through and ask people shopping within in the store, and everyone loved them. So he decided that he would purchase them.
Well that is when I told him that the shoes were buy one get one half off so I explained that we clearly had to get a second pair. He said that we do not and that’s just a sale tactic that they use to trick people into buying more. I told him that I did not care, and one of us walking out with a second pair of shoes. He then rebutted with you do not need any more shoes. In which I replied, I am a girl therefore I always need more shoes. After going back and forth we finally decided that he would get a pair of Bear Paw Moccasins, and we left that store after being there for over an hour.
We then travel down to the mall to continue the hunt for a jacket. We go to Macy’s, Express, Aero-postal, Nordstrom’s, American Eagle, Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic, Gap, and I am sure there is more I just cannot remember.  Anyways we found not one jacket that he liked. One was to cheap looking, one looked to fake, One he liked but decided when he wore it it looked like he was going to go and work in the yard, and one he liked but decided it was not a perfect fit. After five hours of shopping at a zillion stores we leave with nothing. He did not understand why I was so frustrated, and I explained to him that I could find something I like in every store, and he went to fifty million stores and could not find one thing that he liked, except for the brown dress shoes.
The next morning he wakes up and tells me he wants to return the brown dress shoes because the laces feel too cheap…. Long story short, I can shop for him but I will never make the mistake of shopping with him again.
Changing the subject yesterday Morgan turns on the heater and gets in the shower. I yell and tell him that it is blowing cold air and that I am freezing cold. He yells back and tells me not to worry about it, it’s just warming up. 20 minutes later it is still warming up and I am freezing cold, by the time he finally gets out of the shower, he says wow it is cold in here that is not right. I just replied with I tried to tell you. Well we later discover that the pilot light is out. So Morgan goes and gets his fancy lighter that he does not know how to use. When he tried to light it he could not get the flame to stay lit. Ready to give up I ask him to let me try. He very confidently says that if he cannot do it, then I defiantly cannot do it. I explained that is probably just needed a women’s touch. Guess what….I did it! He then goes back into his office and is playing with his lighter trying to figure out how to get the flame higher. He puts it by his ear to see if he could hear gas coming out, when the flame grew and burned off some of his hair! So funny! His ear reeked off burnt hair all day, it smelt so grouse.
Well that is all for now, hope that this was a fun read
Crystal Andersen


  1. Ah, the joys of newlywed life! It's great that you discovered this early that shopping with your husband is a chore...that is why my hubby shops for his own clothing and I for mine. It's worked out pretty good for us.

    So glad that you have this blog so I can get a little glimpse into your world...perhaps one day I'll get to meet this wonderful wife that so wisely chose to marry my fellow CA cousin. :)

  2. SUCH a fun read! I have to tell you Matt returned the first gift I ever bought him, and now 8 years later he would still do the same! Go shopping with your girlfriends... let him go alone! It was nice seeing you over the break LOVE YA GIRLIE!~ (Melissa Andersen Bird)