Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our First Christmas Tree!

So Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, we got to spend the day with all of Morgan’s family. I enjoyed getting to know them all a little bit better. Black Friday was a lot of fun, but not as exciting as in past years. This year I decided to do something that I have never done before, and that is go to Wal-Mart. I have never been brave enough to enter a Wal-Mart on black Friday, but this year they were matching the prices from all other adds, so I figured I could do all my shopping at one store. I was in and out in an hour, and I got everything I wanted plus a full night’s sleep, so that was an awesome bonus.

 My favorite part of the week however was picking out our Christmas tree, and decorating our apartment. Morgan’s parents and Hannah came over and we all decorated together. I made us soup and hot chocolate and it was all delicious. We also finished our tree topper angel. Morgan picked out the dress pattern and the angel. He felt very strongly about having a modest white dress, and so that is what we got. (Who knew he felt so strongly about the angel’s wardrobe?) Devin was the main designer in creating the angels wings, and Hannah and I were his two helpers, I never knew that Devin was so crafty. And Morgan’s mom sewed the most beautiful dress I have ever seen, she just did such an amazing job. I am so grateful that my family was so willing to help me create my angel, I just love her.

I am dreading going back to school, and setting foot back into the real world but I just keep telling myself only two more weeks of school. I think that I will survive it, at least I hope that I do.  I got the Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney Christmas CD’s and those are giving me lots of encouragement. Oh how I love country Christmas Music.

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