Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Love Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day might just be my new most favorite holiday. I had the best day of my life, and I have the greatest husband in the world! Let me take you all through our fantastic day. So on Saturday night I made Morgan 7 Valentines day cards. They were all different and unique. Within all the cards I included a verse from a song that has impacted our relationship. (The songs were: History in the making, Waiting on a Women, Alright, I Can Love You Like That, She’s Everything, We Danced, and Then) And then I wrote about why that song has been so special to us. So then I woke up early on Valentines Day and left him his first card with some roses and his favorite candy bars on our kitchen table. I then put his 2nd card on the seat of his car with a rose and some more candy. I then waited patiently for him to leave for BYU. I then followed him to BYU and decorated his car with window stickers, and left him his 3rd card with another rose and some more candy. Then once he went to work I went to his car again and left him a yummy lunch, card number four, a rose, and more of his favorite candies. From work he went back to BYU and I left him his 5th card, another rose, more candy, and I put a bunch of balloons on his car. While I was attaching the balloons I accidently locked my keys in his car. HAHA I am a dork, so I was stuck sitting there for 45min until he got out of class. He then came home and made dinner and refused to let me help, so I went home and took a two hour nap… nice! Then he surprised me with a candle lit dinner. He made Flamin Young Steaks rapped in bacon….YUM, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. I left him his 6th note on his chair with another rose. He then surprised me with a bracelet he made me, and some gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries. I then gave him his 7th note which was the one about the song we danced by Brad Paisley. We turned off the lights, but left the lit candles and danced to all 7 songs. It was the most amazing day of my life! I have the greatest husband in the world. I am sure we wont have a lot of opportunities to go all out like this, so I am glad we took advantage of the opportunity before we have kids and full time jobs.

                There are so many people who do not like Valentines Day. They claim it is a commercialized holiday that was just created to help the card companies make money. They also say that you should express your love on a daily basis and not a yearly basis, and you do not need an annual day to remember to do this. Here is my opinion: They are right the card and flower companies do make a lot of money off of Valentines Day, and they are right when they say you should express your love year around.  However why not have a day devoted to focusing on your relationship each year. It can really be a lot of fun if you get into it. Even if all you do is make dinner together at home it can still be super special. All holidays or significant events are commercialized any more. Let us take a minute to think about Christmas. I think Christmas is one of the most commercialized holidays, however nobody complains about this. You could also claim that people should remember the savior all the time, and we do not need a special day to do this. Ok this is an extreme example, let’s look at the superbowl. This event is also much commercialized but I am pretty sure that people really still get into this event. I am sure several people disagree with everything I just said, but all I am saying is that Valentines Day can be a lot of fun and really special even if u you just do something small.
Hope everyone had a super fun day,


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  1. SO TRUE! And when you do have jobs and kids it can be just as fun! We rented a movie for us and one for the kids and got my favorite dinner (panda express, hello I did not have to cook or clean) and just enjoyed eachothers company! Glad you were able to spoil your man!!~~