Monday, September 24, 2012

Craziest Summer Ever

So it has been a crazy long time since I have posted. I want to be a better blogger, but I just don’t ever seem to have enough time. So here is an update of Morgan and my summer. We sold pest control this summer in Sacramento, and hated it! The most miserable job I have ever held in my entire life. I hated it! I did enjoy living in Sacramento with the family. We all had a fun time getting to know each other on another level. We did lots of fun things but my favorite was going boating. Morgan and I ended up getting a new car. We went with a white Prius and we love it! So far we have driven over 8,000 miles and averaged over 50MPG. Julie has also been teaching me how to sew. So I can now make a few things so that has been a lot of fun! We adopted the worlds cutest more spoiled puppy. She is a mini Australian Shepherd. She will probably grow to be about 35 pounds. She has been loads of fun. That is an update of the summer.

Our spoiled dog

Since we got back to Utah, we have moved into a new apartment; however we still live in Provo. Morgan and I are both in our last year of school. Morgan will have his Masters in April and I will have my bachelors. Morgan has begun interviewing for full time jobs with the big four accounting firms. He has applied for Dallas and Orange County so we are very excited to see where we will end up. I am just most excited to move out of Utah.

We went camping this weekend for my birthday at Zion National Park. My Grandma, Sisters, husband, mom, and Billy all came. We had a ton of fun. It was so awesome to get to spend time with my family. It has been a very long time since we got to spend that much time together. I also hiked Angels Landing! When I was like seven years old I hiked all the way to the part with the chains, and then I sat down and refused to go on. So my whole family (excluding my mom cause she stayed with me) including my younger sister went on to hike to the top. There was lightning, wind and rain while they hiked it. In fact I guess my sister all most fell of the cliff. The story goes she slipped and was dangling and my dad was holding her just by the arm. People were hiking down discussing the little girl who almost fell off, little did we know that girl was my sister, crazy! Anyways, even though they were crazy to finish the hike I still never lived down the fact that I was the only member who did not finish the hike. So this summer I did redeem myself by finishing the hike, so I felt very accomplished.

My first attempt at Angels Landing

This is the whole family Camping!

Lastly Morgan and I are expecting a new addition to our Family at the end of March. We will find out the gender next month so we are crazy excited about that. We are hoping for a girl, but will be happy with a healthy baby. Life is moving so fast, but It could not be any better. We are so blessed.

I just love this Picture!



  1. Hey - congrats on the news!! So exciting. Sounds like you guys had a busy summer. Mollie just told me yesterday that she misses you guys and was wondering where you were.

  2. baby!!! YEAH! Congrats!!! I heard about it from Julie at the temple this last weekend. (my sister Sharon went through to get ready for her mission) I was SO excited to hear we are having babies at the same time!!! YES! We are not due until April 14th, but I never make it to my due date... i am shooting for an April Fools Baby because that would be a great... my poor kid right? :) Anyways! CONGRATS and make sure to TRY and enjoy it! Being Pregnant is not easy but it is SO worth it! Love you! ~