Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Keeping Busy

Last time I posted I was talking about Levis weight so I thought I would start with an update. He is still in the second percentile, however he is growing consistently. He has moved up to the 28th percentile on height, and is head is in the 70th percentile (probably due to his big brain!). I was super concerned with how small he was, so I decided to call my mom and ask her about how I grew. She said when I was born I was a HUGE baby! I was 9 pounds 9 ounces, I was at the top of all of the charts, I was the biggest baby in the family, but once I came out I just stopped growing. Doctors want babies to double their birth weight by the time they are six months and triple it by the time they are a year. I however barley doubled my birth weight by the time I turned one. I dropped off of all the doctors charts; I was way lower than the first percent tile, and it stayed that way for a long long time.  It wasn’t till I was in middle school that I finally started to barley creep onto the charts again, my mom got so excited that she called the whole family to tell them that I was back on the charts! Its crazy that I was the biggest baby in the family, and now I am by far the smallest.

The doctor’s charts are good to help keep babies on track, but they shouldn’t dictate your piece of mind. Every baby is going to grow different, and there are hundreds of factors that are going to play into the way children grow. I have decided that Levi is growing the way he is supposed to and I am going to stop stressing about it. I am just going to trust that he is growing the way that is perfect for him. It makes sense that he is small, especially when you look at his mom and dad.

In addition to his growing Levi is advancing in many ways on a daily basis. My favorite thing he started to do is he reaches for me. When I go to pick him up he will throw up his arms for me to get him. It is so sweet! He also rolls all over. I have to watch him every second to make sure he is not getting into any mischief. I will leave him on one side of the living room, and before I know it he has rolled all the way across the floor. Penny has loved playing with Levi to. She is constantly bringing him balls and toys. She will bring all of her toys to Levi and drop them right on top of him, and then of course Levi will pick them up and attempt to put them in his mouth. I know gross! So I am always supervising the two of them in order to make sure that they are swapping germs minimally. They say that babies that grow up around dogs have a stronger immune system, I am starting to realize why! lol! Levi also loves to laugh and smile. That is my most favorite, I am glad that I have such a smiley baby, it helps to keep me in a good mood. I mean how can you not be happy seeing that smile all day long!

I am glad that it is finally November because that means that Christmas is next month, and I love Christmas! There are so many things that I love about Christmas, but the thing I am most looking forward to right now is all the Christmas movies I am going to start watching. I want to have a huge Christmas movieathon and watch everything from Elf to It’s a Wonderful life! I have already told Morgan that I want to get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, but he is concerned that the tree would dry out before Christmas. I don’t care if it gets kind of dry, I just want to enjoy for as long as I can. I have already ordered Levis ornament off Lenox, it’s a cute blue elephant that it says his name and the year. I can hardly wait for it to get here! I don’t know why but I can just feel it in my bones that this is going to be a truly special Christmas! Morgan’s whole family is going to be coming and staying with us for ten days! So I am really looking forward to that. I love company, and I especially love seeing our family! I am excited for the start of the Holiday season!

 This is Levi right when he got out of bed! He loves the mornings!

 Penny and Levi are going to be life time friends!

Visiting Daddy at work! 

Cutest Batman on the planet! 

My boys! They are the loves of my life!

He is so cute in a baseball hat!


  1. I love that beautiful boy! Also...I'm so there for all the Christmas fun!