Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Don’t Even Know Where to Start!

So much has happened over this last month, and I do not even know where to start. I cannot believe that January is already half way over. I do not know where the time has gone, but it is flown by! I decided to break this post up into four categories, just a warning this will be kind of a long entry!

Trip to Houston: Morgan had to do a trip to Houston for work, and was going to be gone for a couple of days. Of course I was sad and dreading the idea of being alone. In case you did not know this about me I hate sleeping alone. I kind of freak myself out at night. I have like super hearing in the middle of the night and I can hear every single noise no matter how small. Anyways I got this awesome idea of going with Morgan. So he called and they said that I could tag along and hang out in the hotel while Morgan was working. So we leave late Wednesday and arrive at this amazing hotel. I knew it was going to be awesome when we pulled into the front and parked by a Rolls Royce and a Bentley. The only option for parking was valet and they unloaded all our bags from the car and carried them up to our room. When we went to check in one of the employees came over with a wagon of stuffed animals and gave Levi a cute horse. Then they escorted us to the elevator and showed us to our room. The room was beautiful and had an incredible view of this amazing pool! As we were getting ready for bed Morgan realized he forgot his cell phone charger in the car, so he called the front desk and they had one of the bell men go to his car and get his charger and then they had it up to our room with in five minutes. Whenever we had to go anywhere we just called the front desk to have our car brought around, and I think it is safe to say that I never had to open up a door while I was there because they opened them all for me. It was just a beyond amazing trip! I love Morgan’s new job!

Christmas: We had a very special Christmas here in Texas! Morgan’s family was able to come out and see our new house and spend the Holiday with us. We had such a fun time visiting and got to do so many cool things. Just to list some of the activities we went to the Chinese lantern Festival, a rodeo, the Galleria mall (this was the first time I ever saw Brad go to a mall), several restaurants, the park, Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and many other places. We had a fun time exchanging gifts with each other. Morgan got me some Tiva sandals, the Sound of Music, and some moccasins; I got him a couple’s massage class where they teach you several techniques about giving each other massages. Levi got a new little peoples Noah’s ark set from his grandma Julie and Grandpa Brad, and he got some very cute clothes from his grandpa Marshall and grandma Denise. He is obsessed with Little People, and loves to play with all the little people sets it is very sweet. It was very cool to get to watch Levi interact with his extended family. They all loved to help with everything relating to Levi so it was nice to have all the extra hands. I cried for two days when they all left, the one thing I dislike about Texas is being so far away from family.

New Year’s Resolution: So I know that people often times make new goals at the start of the New Year and then end up breaking them a couple weeks later.well that’s not going to be me! I am determined to eat healthier this year and cut out processed foods. I am following the rules from the “100 Days of Real Food” blog. Some of those rules are not eating white flower, and form of sugar, and not purchasing items that have more than 5 ingredients. I am not planning on following these guidelines perfectly. For example if I am at a friend’s house and they offer me a cookie I am not going to deny it, or if I go to In N Out with my friends I am not going to refuse to eat. I am just going to try to control the things I make in my own home. I drink a green smoothie every morning (mainly spinach, kale, chard, and chia/hemp seeds), I am grinding my own whole wheat flower, and I am buying most of my produce and dairy organic. This has been a big life style change for me but so far I have been really enjoying it. Levi has also been enjoying all the healthy foods so that is a big bonus! He drinks a green smoothie with me every morning! I am excited to make all of these new changes part of my everyday routine!

Levi Update: Levi has grown a ton since my last blog update! He has mastered the army crawl, and he is crazy fast! I have blocked off all the exits to our living room and I just let him explore all over. He loves to crawl around and play with his toys. Grandpa Brad moved his swing from outside into the kitchen living room area.and he loves it! I can put him in that swing anytime I want and he will always calm right down, even if I am not pushing him. This is great because I can put him in the swing and then clean the kitchen, and he stays perfectly content just sitting there watching me. It has truly been a live savor. He is starting to prefer real food over breast milk, and loves to eat everything that he can fit in his mouth. He loves these chicken meat balls I get from Costco, but he also eats cheese, goat yogurt, banana, beans, quinoa, and anything else that is soft that I make for dinner. He moved back up to the 2nd percentile. He gained a pound and a half over Christmas! He still loves to play with Penny too. Every time I put Levi on the floor Penny runs over ready to play. Levi is obsessed with Penny’s toys. I will have ten of his toys on the ground and he still manages to find the ones that belong to Penny. I should just go get Levi some dog toys of his own. I’m not sure if it’s the squeakers or the smell of Penny’s spit but something keeps attracting him to her toys.

 Levi is Excited for his Uncle Devin to Move here in a few months!

 I love this Picture! So Sweet!

 It was cold..can you tell.

 This Picture belongs on a magazine cover!
 Hannah Loves Penny!

 How men go to the mall
Levi and Grandpa putting up his swing!

Well that is all I got for now feel free to leave comments, I love to read everyone’s comments, it makes me feel good to see that some people actually read this. Hahaha.


  1. First comment! Whoo!!
    What was the hotel called that you stayed at? I got to stay at a place for work once in Palm Springs that was only valet and was super fancy. I felt like the corolla with no hub caps did not belong there! And Barry Manilow (her name was lola song) was there when I was. We rode the elevator together and I literally was speechless. I was like "umm Mr. Manilow?" He was very nice. But that is how fancy it was, a very famous celebrity (who you probably have never heard of) stayed there. Anyways, I feel like I am way off point now, but it runs in the family so you should be used to our ADD ways by now.

  2. I am just so excited for your cute little family!

  3. Sorry, Crystal, this is Charity. I guess my blog is not available anymore and it won't post my name. :( Sad day, but when I get ambitious I'll start one again. This time, when I have pictures and important things to write about...... sooner than later I hope. I am waiting for a special someone to ask me the big question. :)

  4. I love the pics. It's crazy that my cousins are all grown up and getting real job and having kids. I still remember when the twins were born. Ah, the good old days!