Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Midnight To-do List

Here I am awake at midnight cooking me up some mac and cheese. I decided that I wanted to make bread tonight because my buttermilk was quickly approaching its expiration date, but of course by the time I got to it, it was already 10:30 at night. I am super tired, but for some reason I always think of all the things I need to do right before I go to bed. I am sure that most normal people think of bedtime as the part of the day when they clear there mind from all the worries of the world and go to bed. However for me it is the opposite. I get home and I am exhausted. My feet hurt, my bodies tired, and I feel extremely sleep deprived. So what do I do?...walk in the door do the dishes, clean the stove, make bread, and then start cooking some mac and cheese. 

Earlier this week Levi woke up at nine, which is earlier then his normal awake time, and it took every ounce of energy I had to pull myself out of bed and get him. I stumbled into the living room and put his new little people barn (this is his new favorite toy, he is obsessed with it!) on the floor for him to play with. Then I stumble over to the couch. As soon as I sit down I look at Levi, and he looks at me with the saddest eyes, that second I knew what was going to come next. He puckers the lip and starts crying. Levi has the sweetest most innocent sad face I have ever seen, and I cannot help but feel emotional when he starts to cry. He just looks at me with this look of abandonment and I can tell that he is thinking, “How dare you ditch me and move to the couch and just leave me here on the floor.” He then starts to reach for me and throws his hands in the air to pick him up. I knew that I did not have the strength to bend over and pick him up. My body was just not fully awake. So I lie down next to him and start to play farm. Levi seems to be satisfied as long as I am lying next to him, so I think ok he is happy so it is ok to just rest my eyes a little... Next thing I know I wake up and Levi is on the other side of the room wrapped up in Christmas lights as happy as a little boy can be and Penny is just sitting there cheering him on. He is just laughing and talking and just in the best mood ever. I then jump up in a panic, pick him up and then tried to figure out how long I had been asleep. I really have no idea how much time passed, but what I do know is that I need to be much more careful now that Levi is becoming more mobile. What can I say, no mom of the year awards being handed out here.

On top of me staying up way past Levi’s bed time, Levi has also decided that he has gotten too big for naps. He has not napped for the past two days! He use to have like three naps a day and then all of a sudden that changed to 0. I do not think that he understands that his nap time is not just for him, but it is also for mommy. It’s really OUR nap time, and even if he has already outgrown it I haven’t. So I am hoping he will decide that he isn’t to grown up for nap time.

Levi is also getting his top two teeth. At first I was super excited about this, but now I am realizing the burden of nursing a child with top teeth. I do not think that he has quite figured out how to nurse with all of his new teeth, and let’s just say that this is leaving me with lots of sores.

Changing the subject Morgan and I got our Christmas tree up, and decorated! (Another one of my midnight projects.) I am very excited about this because I love our Christmas tree! Levi and Penny have both been treating it more like a toy rather than a decoration. I left Penny inside tonight and came home to a shattered bulb all over the floor. I wonder how many bulbs she is going to have to break before she figures out that they are not balls. Every second I turn around I find Levi over at the Christmas tree playing with the lights and reaching for the bulbs. Even though the tree causes lots of challenges and creates new obstacles I still love it.

Last I just want to mention some of Levis newest achievements:
  • ·         He is getting more efficient at crawling
  • ·         He is talking tons!
  • ·         He can eat blueberries that are cut in half
  • ·         He has tried mangosand loves them (must not have got the mango allergy from his aunt Wendy)
  • ·         He can play with toys! He will sit up and play with his little people barn for hours
  • ·         He can suck on the applesauce pouch snacks. He can suck one of those dry in seconds
  • ·         He takes a bottle!

He just went to the Dr and He:
Weighs: 14.15 (1st percentile)
Height: 27.5 (40th percentile)
Head Circumference: 18 (73rd percentile)

Well it is now 1:00 am so I am going to go put away the left over mac and cheese, and hopefully go to bed. That is assuming I do not think of anything else I need to do first!


  1. Love this--thanks, Crystal. I seemed to get lots done when no one was awake, but then I'd feel tired.

  2. I really like the pictures of him wrapped in lights! And shout out to corolla hauling the Xmas tree, I appreciate morgie wearing gloves on his hands and flip flops on his feet. Levi can have all my mangos! I am terribly allergic������������������;-)