Thursday, August 14, 2014

From Infant to Toddler

This has been such a crazy month. I can hardly believe how many changes Levi has gone through. He has pretty much gone to all walking. He loves to walk and explore…everything! I got him his first pair of shoes, and he loves them. I decided to get him a pair of stride rites because they are specially designed to help kids learn how to walk correctly, and I felt like that was very important. Every time I go to put his shoes on he smiles and gets excited because he knows that we are probably getting ready to go outside.

He has had a crazy huge growth spurt, and is now on the charts! He is in the 25% tile for height and weight. He has outgrown a lot of his summer clothes. We bought everything 2 sizes to big thinking that he would easily make it to the end of summer, but we were so wrong. He is really starting to look like a little boy and not like a baby.

His appetite has also decreased dramatically. He still loves food, but is not nearly as interested in it as he used to be. I think that a lot of that is due to the fact that there are a lot more distractions. He also insists on feeding himself. He will not let me feed him bites, but instead he needs to be holding the fork and be in control of what is going in and out of his mouth. In a lot of ways this is easier because it means I no longer have to sit there and feed him, but it also means that he pretty much needs a bath after every major meal. His favorite food still remains to be anything and everything that Morgan and I are eating.

Levi has found a new love for books! Denise came to visit it and while she was here she spent a fair amount of time reading. Levi immediately had an interest in her book, and was constantly reaching for it. Denise spent some time walking with him to his room and picking books off of his book shelf and then reading them to him. Ever sense she left he has been obsessed with books. He will walk up to me while I am sitting in the recliner, grab my hand, put a book in it, and then try to climb up onto my lap. He is not as interested in the words, but instead loves to see the pictures and flip through the pages. I am glad he is finding a love for reading so early on.

I could spend all day talking about Levi but I think I covered most of the big changes. Morgan and I are getting ready for baby #2 and we are beyond excited! We know it will be an adjustment to have two kids, but we are both excited for the adventure, and even more excited to watch the brotherly bond develop between Levi and his new little brother. I cannot believe that I am almost to my last trimester, and we are going to meet this little guy in just 3 more months! It is crazy how much times flies! Christmas will be here before we know it!

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  1. How come there are no pictures in this post? I would love to see Levi in his new shoes. Or even reading a book.