Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Last Days as a Family of Three

It is crazy for me to think about how any day we are going to have two sons! I am so grateful that we will be able to raise two boys so close together. Levi has been the best toddler, and he is just bundles of fun! He is obsessed with balls, and I mean obsessed. He reaches for any and all round objects and then throws a fit until he gets them. It does not matter if it is the red round giant balls you find in front of a target, or a watermelon at the grocery store he wants them all the same. He does not only like holding the balls, but he loves throwing them too. I cannot wait for Parker to be a little older so that he and Levi can play catch together in the backyard. He had one of his first tantrums the other day at sports authority because I would not buy him this twenty dollar red Nike football. I felt like the meanest mom in the world when I had to take it away from him, and let him scream all the way out the door. Levi is just so sweet and loving which makes it very difficult to take things away.

He is also very good at playing catch. It has been easy to develop this talent of his since Morgan is always throwing balls in the house. Forget having a no throwing rule in our house because Morgan is equally as obsessed with balls as Levi. Levi seems to prefer to throw with his left hand, so I am excited to see if that sticks. He is going to be a great athlete one day and I cannot wait to start him in sports.

Every time Levi goes to bed I get to hold him while he drinks his sippy cup of milk. This has become one of my favorite moments in my whole day. He snuggles into me and just smiles, and it is the most precious thing. When I get up to lay him down I kiss his forehead and he just smiles so cute. Later when he wakes up I go in to get him and he just lays his head on my shoulder and gives me so much love. I just hope these moments can last forever, and that he will stay so sensitive and sweet.

Levi is also in love with his daddy. All I have to do is say daddy is home, and he runs to the door to look out the window. Once Morgan is inside Levi does not let him leave his sight. He chases him all over the house, and follows him anywhere and everywhere that he goes. If Morgan has to leave and do something outside of the house Levi will throw himself to the ground and have a huge tantrum because he misses his dad so much. It is so sweet to see how much he loves his mom and dad, I guess that means we are doing something right.

Levi went to nursery for the first time a few weeks ago, and he loved it. I was a little uneasy about taking him, but once he was there I did enjoy having my hands free for the rest of church. I forget what it was like to pay attention in Sunday School and Relief Society. Of course I went and peeked my head in to see how he was doing and I just saw him walking in circles with his arms full of balls. I would not have expected anything different.

Levi loves books too! In fact I would say that books are his next favorite thing after balls. He will bring me books all day long, and then he expects you to drop everything to read it to him. He will sit in listen to three stories in a row, and be completely entertained. I have also put some books in his crib so before and after he naps he is always flipping through the pages and reading them to himself. It is so so so cute. I have always wanted my kids to love reading, so this makes me very happy.

I have been taking Levi to the Ryme time at the library once or twice every week to help get him more socialized and use to being around other kids. This has been extremely successful, and he has been having more and more fun. The first time we went he hung on to my leg the whole time, and would not leave my side…not even for bubbles! After going for several weeks now he just runs into the middle of the crowd and goes crazy. He steals the librarian’s stuffed animals, and goes wild over the bubbles. It feels good to see my efforts paying off.

Levi is also at the age now where he can fully enjoy the park. He loves to go in the swings, and of course down the slides. He just runs all over and has a blast. It has been so nice to be able to keep adding more activities that we can do outside of the house. Levi loves to get out, and we try to do at least one outing a day.

I could talk about Levi all day, but I want to be sure to also talk about Morgan and I. We are very excited to welcome Parker into this world. We know it will be an adjustment to go from being a family of three to a family of four, but we are so excited for the change. It is fun to see our family growing, and cannot wait to see Parkers personality. We are prepared for the challenges that come from having a newborn in the home, but neither one of us feels stressed or over whelmed. We make such a great team, and are so excited for the adventure. We are so grateful for all of the blessings in our life, and love the direction we are moving. We cannot wait to see what Heavenly father has in store for us!


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  2. Glad to hear things are going well, and that Amelia made the pictues :)

  3. I can't wait to visit next month and see the boys! I will have to bring a ball so I can win "favorite aunt" for the week :)