Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long Week

So this week has been so long! Morgan has been in San Francisco interviewing for an internship next summer, and I have been stuck at home. The worst part is I have been getting sick. I could not sleep all night last night cause of the intensity of my sore throat. So as a result I have sat at home and watched lots of movies. I watched Father of the Bride, Love Wedding Marriage, and I started to watch Swing Vote but I fell asleep. I bought myself a frozen pizza and ice cream for dinner, so that did make me feel a little bit better. Tonight I am going to have cheesy bacon fries for dinner, so I am already looking forward to that.

Thanksgiving Is coming up so fast and I am so excited I can hardly stand myself. I have already started to buy mine and Morgan’s first Christmas decorations. I got these super cute pearl pink bulbs with silver sparkles on them.  I also got pearly white and silver bulbs to go with them, so our Christmas tree will be decorated the same as our wedding colors.  We are going to go and pick out a real tree the day after Thanksgiving so I am really looking forward to that also. The thing I am most excited about is our tree topper. We are going to make our own angel tree topper. When I was a kid we always had a handmade tree topper on the tree, therefore I want one too, and I want it to be an angel because I like to feel like an angel is watching over our house. We are going to make this angel out of a Barbie. We are going to sew an elegant white dress, then make her wings and a halo, then last we will make the cone to go under her to complete the tree topper. I just bought the Barbie I am going to use yesterday, and she has a really pretty silver necklace and earrings so she will match the tree perfectly.

Well that is all for now,

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  1. That all sounds really fun. I love the colors on your blog. Post pictures of your tree. I'm so glad you're my niece--you're a sweetheart!

    A mean sore throat is trying to get me, too. Gargle with warm salt water and take Tylenol before you sleep.